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JavaIn 2006, Quanta was selected Aplix's JBlend Java platform as their preferred Java solution on Qualcomm's platform targeting US and European operators markets.

Java technology has been widely used in mobile devices, and Qualcomm, as a major player in the mobile and wireless industry, is no exception. Qualcomm's BREW platform (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) supported Java ME (Micro Edition) applications, enabling developers to write advanced interactive apps for wireless devices.

Java ME was a subset of the Java language tailored for embedded systems and mobile devices like smartphones and PDAs. It provided a robust, flexible environment for applications running on these kinds of devices, including features tailored for a mobile environment such as a user interface, networking support, and local data storage.

On Qualcomm's BREW platform, Java ME enabled a wide range of applications, from games to productivity tools, to run on devices, regardless of the underlying hardware and operating system. This helped create a vibrant ecosystem of developers creating applications for devices built on Qualcomm's platform. The usage of Java allowed for greater interactivity and functionality in applications, providing a richer user experience and supporting the evolution of mobile applications.