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CDC Mobile is investing in BBMF Group, a 3G content provider in Japan. This will be the first of CDC Mobile's targeted investments through its recently announced 3G Content Partner Program designed to provide first-mover advantage in the anticipated 3G content market in China. BBMF Group is a market leader in 3G content in Japan with one of the largest mobile comic site and mobile online game site in Japan and one of the largest library and fastest growing number of files and titles available for download on any carrier. The company has licensed the right to publish mobile versions of over a thousand comic titles by nearly five hundred authors. Japan is an early adaptor of 3G with more than sixty percent of mobile subscribers already using 3G handsets. The 3G content market in Japan is projected will be over a billion dollars by next year. In addition to investing in 3G content providers, CDC Mobile will create its own original content for the 3G marketplace. The comapny recently agreed to provide exclusive distribution in China of highly popular South Korean mobile games, videos, music, and fashion advertisements.