Feedsee 3G : 3G Linux : UMTS performance with both 2G network coverage and advanced 3G multimedia features

Working in with Purple Labs, NXP launched the Nexperia cellular system solution 7210 with Linux for 3G handsets. Not having the additional cost and complexity of integrating a dedicated application processor, manufacturers will be able to use a high level operating system. Operators will also be able to provide a stable and powerfu platform to offer new connected services. The system is a powerful dual-mode UMTS multimedia platform running on a single-core ARM9 for the 3G mobile feature-phone market. By offering a Linux-based platform on a single core, the platform allows easy development and upgrades. The 3G Linux environment supports UMTS performance, delivering seamless service coverage in 2G and 3G networks as well as an advanced level of multimedia features that allow to take full advantage of 3G. The Linux software suite runs on top of a Linux 2.6 kernel.