Feedsee Advertising : Click-to-Video Advertising : Multinational viral word-of-mouth mobile ad platform

mywaves and AdMob are partnering to enable click-to-video advertisements for AdMob advertisers. mywaves embedded video player delivery capability enables video playback for the ads in over 160 countries. Mobile web browsers will have the option to watch a video from a landing page when they click on an advertisement via AdMob. If viewers like what they see in the mywaves mobile video player they can save the video to their phones or pass it on to friends via MMS -- making it possible for the first time to extend a mobile video ad campaign through viral, word-of-mouth activity. Click-to-video ads will be launched this summer as part of the AdMob Marketplace's new landing page solution. The tools combine the reach of the AdMob mobile advertising marketplace with the cross-carrier mobile video capabilities that have made mywaves the top mobile media company. AdMob advertisers can tap into the mywaves mobile video platform as an option on AdMob-hosted landing pages.