Feedsee Advertising : Second Life Marketing : In-world marketing and brand promotion with real world event tie-ins

Moderne Promotions has launched TheSLAgency, an interactive marketing agency dedicated to helping global brands navigate their way through virtual world Second Life. The virtual marketing agency offers large brands customizable integrated marketing packages that include virtual event marketing and brand promotion alongside tangible real world event tie-ins. The new Second Life marketing agency requires that its clients sign a declaration stating that they are completely truthful in their companies' representations in online marketing. This distinguishes the company from others offering similar services, and ensures that community ethics within Second Life are upheld. Joe Mastrocovi of Moderne Promotions, explained that his agency is "able to offer something unique to global brands: integrated real world and virtual marketing, events promotion and advertising services that engage consumers and form life-long relationships." The advertising agency for Second Life will host night life events throughout the country.

Second LifeIn an example of Second Life marketing, through Coty UK, residents are able to visit the ck IN2U site to pick up virtual bottles of the new ck fragrances and connect with other in-world virtual partners by spraying them with fizzing fragrance bubbles to initiate dialogue.