DPM++ 2m SDE (Karras)

DPM++ 2m SDE (Karras) is a text-to-image diffusion sampler that was developed by Tero Karras and his colleagues at NVIDIA. It is a variant of the DPM++ sampler that uses a more sophisticated noise schedule and a larger number of steps. This makes it more stable and accurate than the original DPM++ sampler, but also slower.

DPM++ 2m SDE (Karras) is a good choice for applications where realism and quality are important, such as generating images for product visualization or architectural design. It is also a good choice for applications where diversity is important, as it can produce a variety of different outputs from the same text prompt.

However, it is important to note that DPM++ 2m SDE (Karras) is a relatively new sampler and is not as widely used as other samplers, such as the DDIM sampler. This is because it is slower than other samplers and requires more computational resources.