Euler Ancestral

Euler Ancestral is a sampler in text-to-image diffusion models that is based on the Euler method for solving differential equations. It is a fast and efficient sampler that can often generate good outputs in 20-30 steps.

Euler Ancestral works by sampling noise from the diffusion process and then subtracting it from the image. However, unlike other samplers, Euler Ancestral also adds some random noise back to the image at each step. This helps to prevent the image from becoming too blurry and to generate more diverse images.

Euler Ancestral is a good choice for applications where speed and efficiency are important. It is also a good choice for applications where diversity is important, such as generating creative images or generating images that are different from each other.

Here are some examples of how Euler Ancestral can be used to generate different types of images:

Overall, Euler Ancestral is a versatile and powerful sampler for text-to-image diffusion models. It is a good choice for applications where speed, efficiency, and diversity are important.