Feedsee Aviation : Maritime Patrol Aircraft : Improved surveillance capability latest addition to Coast Guard's Deepwater modernization program

MaritimeLockheed Martin and EADS-CASA transferred ownership of the first Deepwater medium range surveillance maritime patrol aircraft to the U.S. Coast Guard. Produced in Spain with American avionics, propulsion, and integrated subsystems, the CN-235-300CG is the first all-new aircraft developed for the Coast Guard's Integrated Deepwater System under contract to Integrated Coast Guard Systems. The aircraft's size, range, and reconfiguration capabilities will enable the Coast Guard to improve execution of its multiple maritime and military missions which includes marine safety, search and rescue, maritime security, national defense, law enforcement, and environmental protection. The aircraft also is suited for the transport of cargo and personnel. Deepwater is a multiyear program to modernize and replace the Coast Guard's aging ships and aircraft, and improve command and control and logistics systems.