Feedsee Aviation : Full-Flight Simulators : Visual system uses satellite imagery and weather effects to produce highly realistic training scenarios

SimulatorsCAE will provide full-flight simulators: a Boeing 777ER and an A330/340 for Jet Airways of India and a Boeing 777-300 ER for Air Canada. Both contracts include a suite of CAE Simfinity training devices. In addition to the Boeing 777 extended range simulator and the Airbus A330/340 convertible simulator for Jet Airways, CAE will provide a CAE Simfinity Integrated Procedures Trainer for the B777 as well as a CAE Simfinity Maintenance Flight Training Device for the A330/340. Both the B737NG simulators, and the new B777ER and A330/340 simulators, feature the CAE Tropos visual system which uses satellite imagery as well as advanced weather and lighting effects to produce highly realistic training scenarios for pilots.