Feedsee Beverages : Liquid Coffee Extract : Portable organic fair trade coffee packets

A year ago, Richard Karno, an organic coffee roaster, introduced a single serving packet of organic liquid coffee extract, which he named Java Juice. The shelf-stable, portable coffee packets were a great fit for the outdoor and travel industries. Each packet has a PSI rating of 190 pounds, so they won't be crushed in travel bags. Java Juice's flavor is superior to traditional coffee extracts because Karno uses the same high-grade organic beans he roasts for his coffeehouse customers. The result is smooth, full-flavored coffee taste in a product with go-anywhere convenience. To make Java Juice, fresh roasted beans are ground and brewed through a proprietary process using moderate temperatures. The extract is then packaged in single-use packets and flushed with nitrogen to make it oxygen-free and shelf-stable. No preservatives or additives are introduced during any part of the process. The result is an on-demand cup of organic coffee that hikers can carry in a pocket until ready to use.