Feedsee Bluetooth : Bluetooth Car Speaker : Portable wireless sound output clips to the visor for compact hands-free communication on the road

Car SpeakerThe Motorola T305 Portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker keeps drivers wirelessly connected and hands-free on the road and offers consumers advanced audio clarity and intuitive, user-friendly controls. The portable wireless speaker provides easy connectivity and convenience by allowing drivers to keep their hands-free -- just clip to the visor and go. With the latest enhanced echo and noise reduction technology as well as a powerful speaker, the compact wirless speaker allows for high-quality hands-free conversations in even the noisiest environments. A multifunction button allows the user to activate speech commands including answering and ending calls with the push of a button. Bluetooth enables a crisp and speedy connection to compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices. The hands-free speaker comes with useful a mini USB vehicle power adaptor for easy charging.