Feedsee Bluetooth : Wireless Audio Quality : High-quality low-latency audio compression for Bluetooth

CSR has added a new compression technology to its powerful DSP-based BlueCore5-Multimedia platform which will offer its customers much improved wireless audio quality. By porting APT's enhanced apt-X algorithm onto the BlueCore Multimedia platform, CSR is offering yet more ways for wireless audio designers to create devices which offer improved levels of audio quality, with reduced processing latency compared to the Bluetooth standard SBC encoding, without compromising on power consumption. Unlike other Bluetooth single-chip devices, BlueCore5-Multimedia is based on a powerful Kalimba DSP coprocessor operating at 64 MIPS to support the integration of third party software enhancements. The enhancements include dynamic noise and echo cancellation, stereo music enhancement and text-to-speech capability. apt-X technology is an established standard for audio transport in the fields of professional broadcast and film post-production. Now, as regular listeners become more sophisticated, demanding higher quality on their mobile media players, additional channels for stereo headsets and the ability to interact with video, the consumer market is also set to benefit from apt-X.