Feedsee Broadband : UMA - Unlicensed Mobile Access : Standard for fixed-mobile convergence enables secure access to broadband services

UMAUMA supplier Kineto Wireless and wireless LAN infrastructure manufacturer Extricom have completed interoperability testing between Kineto's UMA solution and Extricom's enterprise wireless LAN infrastructure, demonstrating how mobile operators can extend their UMA service offerings into the enterprise and commercial hot-zone markets. The testing validated seamless handover and continuity of active UMA voice calls and data sessions between Wi-Fi access points in an enterprise wireless LAN environment. Seamless mobility across access points enables in-office coverage, single-number convenience, and cost efficiencies that cannot be achieved with today's fragmented network situation. UMA-based sessions can transparently move between access point radios, without any interruption in service. All the while, Wi-Fi level security is maintained as well as the IPSec tunnel used to secure UMA services. The next generation of enterprise Wi-Fi shifts architecture from a cell-planning to a channel-blanket topology. The technology eliminates the co-channel interference of traditional WLAN systems.