Feedsee Business : DirecTV for Small Businesses : All-digital, multi-channel satellite television for small-business customers across all industries

Waiting RoomTo serve the information and entertainment needs of small businesses, Verizon now offers DirecTV, all-digital, multi-channel satellite television to its small-business customers across all industries. Satellite television programming can be used many ways on site. For businesses with customer waiting rooms, DirecTV service enlivens the atmosphere, entertains customers, and reduces perceived waiting times, which helps improve customer satisfaction. For bars and restaurants, the quality and variety of DirecTV programming can help bring in new customers. Video programming can add to the business atmosphere, bringing national and local news, weather and traffic reports when you need it the most. Verizon offers its small-business customers several Direct TV programming packages tailored to their customer-base. For customers in the restaurant industry, Verizon will offer the Commercial Choice Plus package, including five ESPN channels, regional sports networks, and local channels at a rate that depends on the number of viewers. Small-business customers that are not focused on generating revenue from the sale of food and beverage, such as a real estate agency or a doctor's office, can sign up for a complete package with over eighty channels that include sports, news, and entertainment programming.