Feedsee Business : CRM Interface : Business process solutions system developed using AJAX for transaction processing

OneShield is working with PixelMEDIA to design and implement a next generation user interface. Last year, the insurance CRM provider added significant enhancements to its user interface including AJAX capabilities for transaction processing. AJAX is a web-based technology that provides high performance data streaming between a web page and back-end server resources. The firm created an AJAX framework that allows page fields to be hooked up to a high-performance, rule processing engine. Fields on a page can be associated with an AJAX transaction thus allowing a quick, high-performance call to the backend, without the performance cost of posting the entire page, for updating the associated fields. For the user interface initiative, OneShield and PixelMEDIA are collaborating to complete an intuitive, streamlined interface and are now jointly implementing the new design. Beyond making the OneShield system more visually appealing, the project goals included improving the intuitiveness, navigation, flexibility, and scalability of the user interface.