Feedsee Business : Metrics Navigation : New planning process uncovers and prioritizes relevant and material performance indicators

The Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) is releasing a new tool, the GEMI Metrics Navigator. "This tool was designed to help companies identify metrics that support their business strategy. It provides a roadmap for companies to identify key metrics for those actions that drive long-term sustainability," said Jim Kearney of Bristol-Myers Squibb. "The GEMI Metrics Navigator uses a planning process that can help uncover relevant and material indicators and prioritize them among those that are the most effective at driving and communicating performance, both internally and externally," said Leslie Montgomery of Southern Company. "By offering a cutting edge framework, leading thoughts from the field, and a variety of case studies and approaches, The GEMI Metrics Navigator is a great tool for managers who are thinking about how to effectively align incentives, investments and desired outcomes of sustainability strategies," said Cornell professor Mark Milstein. "The Metrics Navigator provides a logical roadmap to help practitioners and decision-makers alike identify the key metrics that drive and communicate sustainable performance in their business," said Pogo Davis of JDK Consulting.