Feedsee Electronics : High Performance Isolated DC/DC Converters : 330W bus converter with excellent thermal performance

FDK Corporation introduced the Sensei Series of isolated DC/DC converters with the announcement of a 330W bus converter in the industry-standard quarter brick format. The Sensei Series converters are designed for Intermediate Bus Architecture and Distributed Power Architecture applications that require high efficiency and high reliability in elevated temperature environments. In combination with its Senpai Series of non-isolated point of load converters, FDK can now provide a complete board-mounted power package for these architectures. The first product in the Sensei Series is an IBA bus converter that operates from a 36V DC to 55V DC input. Protection features include input under-voltage lockout, output over-current protection, output over-voltage protection, and over-temperature protection. Built-in current sharing enables parallel operation without the need for external circuitry.