Feedsee Energy : Solar Fishery : Panels recharge battery banks for salmon industry

The world's first solar-powered salmon fishery is being developed under a partnership recently announced between Lummi Island Wild Coop and Alpha Energy. The project will begin in early spring with Alpha Energy installing solar panels on part of Lummi Island Wild's reefnet fleet. Solar panels will soon recharge battery banks used to power the boats' winches and gear. Currently thousands of pounds of batteries must be ferried to shore for recharging every couple of days. Lummi Island Wild Coop formed when a small group of reefnet owners began to organize the last remaining reefnet gears. Reef netting is an old form of net fishing, done centuries ago by Native Americans using cedar canoes and cedar nets. The fishery supplies premium quality sustainable wild seafood wholesale and to individuals on the web. Alpha Energy develops turnkey photovoltaic systems for commercial, residential, institutional and remote off-grid applications.