Feedsee Energy : Palm Oil Cultivation : African Palm provides oil-feedstock for South American biodiesel producer

Pure Biofuels plans to lease 60,000 hectares near the city of Pucallpa in central Peru for the cultivation of palm oil to provide feedstock for its Callao Port biodiesel production facility on the coast near Lima. The land, currently empty and degraded, is being made available to Pure Biofuels under an agreement with the government of Peru. "The lease of this land provides Pure Biofuels with a unique, vertical self-supply capability that will help sustain our production capacity at levels unattainable by other producers in the region," said Luis Goyzueta of Pure Biofuels. "We're confident that the African Palms we intent to cultivate will find a healthy environment in the central Peruvian forests. It's a hearty plant that thrives in the tropical environment."