Feedsee Engines : Crate Engines : More complete than ordinary replacement engines, they usually include valve covers, oil pans, timing covers, and intake manifolds

CrateHi-Tech Engine Components supplied a 500+ horsepower crate engine for the television show Overhaulin'. The show airs on The Learning Channel (TLC) at 9 PM EDT on September 26th. Hi-Tech has supplied five performance crate engines for the program so far this year. Crate engines are more complete than ordinary replacement engines and usually include valve covers, oil pans, timing covers and intake manifolds. According to Rex Falkenrath, Hi-Tech CEO, "the automakers including GM, Ford, and Daimler/Chrysler have enjoyed great success with their crate engine offering. Our aftermarket customers wanted to participate in the category and the recently introduced Hi-Tech Crate Engine program has really taken off.