HEPOS - Hellenic Positioning System

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HEPOS, or Hellenic Positioning System, is the national network of Permanent GPS Stations of Greece. Established and maintained by the National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A. (NCMA S.A.) of Greece, this network consists of continuously operating reference stations that are spread throughout the country. The goal of the system is to provide accurate geospatial data that can be used in a variety of applications.

In 2007, Trimble was selected to supply VRS network hardware and software to establish a nationwide Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) infrastructure network for the country of Greece. Trimble provided complete network set up, deployment, and operation during the initial start-up period. The Trimble VRS network provides a fixed geospatial infrastructure for surveying, engineering and geographic information system professionals that enables high accuracy real-time kinematic positioning. Known as HEPOS (Hellenic Positioning System), the network consists of a hundred Trimble NetRS GPS Receivers and as many Trimble Zephyr Geodetic Antennas, as well as Trimble GPSNet and RTKNet software to achieve full Trimble VRS functionality. Covering approximately 50,965 square miles of mainland and islands, the HEPOS network is one of the largest GNSS networks in the world. Designed to cover the needs of the Greek National Cadastre far into the future, the HEPOS network provides accurate and reliable centimeter-level surveying measurements to be taken faster and more cost-effectively throughout Greece.

The HEPOS network operates based on the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), including the American GPS system, the Russian GLONASS system, and potentially other systems such as the European Galileo. The HEPOS system can be utilized in many applications that require precise positioning and measurements, such as surveying, geodesy, GIS data collection, and more.

Benefits and Features of the HEPOS System

  1. Accuracy: With a network of permanent stations, HEPOS can provide centimeter-level accuracy in positioning, which is essential for tasks like surveying, mapping, and construction.
  2. Real-Time Data: HEPOS can provide real-time kinematic (RTK) data to users, allowing for real-time positioning with high accuracy.
  3. Accessibility: The HEPOS system allows users with appropriate equipment to access the data from the reference stations, providing them with the precise positioning data they need for their tasks.
  4. Time Savings: Because of the high accuracy of the data provided, professionals who use HEPOS can significantly reduce the time they spend on tasks like surveying, as the need for repeated measurements is reduced.
  5. Broad Applications: The data from the HEPOS system can be used in a wide range of applications, including land surveying, construction, agriculture, GIS data collection, and even autonomous vehicle navigation, among others.