Feedsee GPS : 3D Locator System : Location tracking technology communicates between locators via radio transmissions

Innovative Concepts will provide an enhanced version of its OpenMesh ad hoc network router, consisting of a processor for the entire system, an integrated radio, and an integrated 20-channel GPS receiver. These are components of the system that will enable DHS to accurately identify the location of emergency response personnel in disaster or emergency situations. OpenMesh technology assists in this 3-D positioning device by providing a private network with the communications necessary to support the L3 IEC algorithms. These algorithms determine the location of a node when GPS is denied, even if personnel are in buildings and structures. In a crisis situation, it is highly challenging to maintain control when rescue personnel are visually out of sight, enveloped in smoke, in buildings or structures. While commercial GPS locators were expected to track personnel in emergency situations, they typically do not function adequately when they are located in or between buildings and structures. The new system incorporates an advanced networking capability that links individual GPS locators worn by first responders into a network that shares GPS satellite and other navigation information. Thus, if one locator is receiving only one satellite signal, it can share information from other locators receiving additional satellite signals, along with information about their relative location.