Feedsee GPS : Waterproof Motorcycle GPS : Garmin glove-friendly design with left-handed controls and big buttons

Garmin's latest zumo motorcycle navigator features an intuitive interface and motorcycle-specific attributes. For convenience and safety, the design sports left-handed controls and oversized touchscreen buttons. The waterproof device is preloaded with full North American map data that includes hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions. Zumo 450 owners may set customized points of interest. Riders can get detailed logs of their trips by downloading to the accompanying MapSource software. Zumo owners can also plan routes on their computer and download it to the zumo before they begin their journey. In addition, riders can swap routes and waypoints with other zumo owners via the unit's SD card slot. The bright display shows the rider their speed, heading, and a customizable fuel gauge that lets them define the motorcycle's maximum fuel range. If a rider wants to leave the pavement for the trail, the zumo accepts electronic topo maps for off-road navigation. A locking motorcycle mount has waterproof power and data cable connections.