Feedsee GPS : Navigon 7100 : Navigator's Run cross-country road rally

Navigon 7100 series navigation devices will guide teams across the finish line in the first Navigator's Run, a 3000-mile cross-country motoring event for high-end performance, sports, luxury, and exotic cars. With the Navigon 7100 device, a hundred teams in high-performance cars will test their endurance-driving skills and their ability to find the shortest and most effective route through this cross-country rally. It's not the fastest team that wins, but the driver and navigator who demonstrate the best navigational skills by accruing the fewest miles to reach the finish line. The Navigon 7100 features a widescreen 4.3-inch display housed in sleek piano-black hardware. It will debut alongside the Navigon 5100, which features an even more portable 3.5-inch display in slim chrome.