Feedsee GPS : Pioneer In-Car Navigation System : iPod control, voice recognition, spoken directions, multimedia playback, and new point addressing technology

Pioneer's latest in-car navigation system uses new point addressing technology and a newly released map database from Tele Atlas. The AVIC-Z2 offers entertainment with excellent audio and video quality; an easy-to-use graphic interface, voice interactivity, and connectivity to other devices including iPod music players and Bluetooth enabled cell phones. The car GPS system uses a new database with detailed addressing data for 45 million addresses in the United States, which results in the routing of users much closer to the physical address locations. The system offers drivers dynamic route guidance, detailed mapping and valuable road information that cross the entire United States and Canada. With its large hard drive storage capacity, the system stores twelve million points of interest, searchable in 341 different categories. The system learns frequently traveled roads by the driver and incorporates these preferences into suggested routes when applicable. In addition to road type and distance, the system analyzes additional road data such as posted speed limits and the number of turns to reach the destination for a more optimized result of time to destination and estimated time of arrival. A Text-to-Speech engine verbalizes street names as they would be pronounced to the driver.