Feedsee Home : Playtex Breast Pumps : Dual action massage and suction replicates baby's natural suckling action

The new Playtex Nursing Necessities breast pump line offers efficiency, comfort, ease of use, and compatibility. The three Playtex breast pumps share four features that make pumping a more comfortable experience for mom. The first distinctive feature is the patented Soft Comfort massaging breast cups. These silicone cups use dual action massage and suction to replicate a baby's natural suckling action. The pumps also use a 360-degree massage technique, which provides a soft air cushion to surround the nipple and minimize tugging and stretching for greater pumping comfort. To deliver a better fit for moms, the pumps are equipped with a wider opening on the breast cup funnel, avoiding irritation and improving pumping comfort. Finally, they are compatible with many bottles, including the Playtex bottle system, so mom can pump, store and feed in the same bottle, without transferring or risking spilling her breast milk.