Feedsee Medical : Full Range of Motion MRI : Visualizing the body in the range of normal positions that generate symptoms

MRI Scanning pioneer FONAR has sold a Full Range-of-Motion Multi-Position MRI to the Center for Diagnostic Imaging. The ability of its new MRI technology to fully visualize all body parts, and particularly the spine, fully weight-loaded and in its full range of normal positions, is a key new capability. The positioning capability of the FONAR scanner permits the MRI operator, with the patient's cooperation, to position the patient in the actual position that engenders his/her symptoms, so that a picture can be taken of the patient's body part in the exact position that generates his/her symptoms. "FONAR's new technology, that enables visualization of full weight-bearing flexion and extension of these key body parts, will add a new dimension of service to CDI's state-of-the-art imaging facility," said Doctor Raymond Damadian.