Feedsee Microscopy : Advanced Microscopy : Electron microscopes provide developers with sub-angstrom data for industrial applications

AdvancedMexico's national research petroleum institute, the Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (IMP), will open its new center for advanced microscopy and research tomorrow. In planning since 2002, the center features a complete suite of FEI tools that enable advanced nanoscale research and development. The opening was announced jointly by IMP and FEI Company. The state of the art center features FEI's XL 30 environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM), a Nova 200 NanoLab, the first DualBeam installed in Latin America, two Tecnai transmission electron microscopes (TEMs), and FEI's flagship product, a Titan S/TEM, the world's most powerful commercially-available microscope. Researchers at IMP will use the FEI tools for a variety of applications including the study and development of catalysts for more efficient fuels, fuel cell membranes, and new nano-enabled materials such as anticorrosive products for oil refineries and pipelines, among others.