Feedsee Microscopy : Swept Field Confocal Microscope : Enhancements to Nikon's LiveScan include faster image capture and enhanced ease of use

Nikon has enhanced its newest generation confocal microscope, the Nikon LiveScan Swept Field Confocal Microscope. The instrument represents an innovative approach to live cell confocal imaging. The microscope's enhanced capabilities stem from the design of a user selectable aperture for excitation and emission, with choices of multiple pinholes or a slit scanning position. The light path design of the instrument reduces crosstalk and noise inherent in live cell confocal instrumentation. This, coupled with the capability to scan very rapidly for very short excitation durations to prevent phototoxicity, makes the microscope an excellent live cell imaging instrument. New solid state laser options, gas options, and high-powered water-cooled gas options are available.