Feedsee Microscopy : Microscope Illumination : Consistent reflected lighting uses a new pre-centered mercury-fiber illuminator for epi-fluorescence

IlluminationNikon's new Intensilight mercury-fiber illuminator for bioscience and industrial microscopy applications is a pre-centered fiber illumination system with long lamp life and easy lamp replacement which never needs alignment. The Intensilight features a no-flicker, stable light intensity which can be controlled with Nikon's NIS-Elements software. The illumination system provides quantitative fluorescence with outstanding transmission at lower UV wavelengths. Nikon's Intensilight includes matched adapters for different families of Nikon microscopes. A built in open-close shutter makes it easy to transfer the illumination source to multiple microscopes on the fly or to shutter the illuminator's light to the microscope specimen, and a neutral density wheel provides intensity control to prevent photobleaching of sensitive specimens while insuring shading free and extremely even specimen illumination.