Feedsee Networking : Portable Network Emulator : Real-world network environment on your desktop, at a tradeshow, or in a conference room

Mini Maxwell from InterWorking Labs is a portable, easy-configuration network emulator. Packaged in a paperback-sized enclosure and weighing less than two pounds, the device easily fits into a laptop bag or briefcase. Network administrators, technicians, development and test engineers can easily transport the emulator to a variety of environments and situations to help them evaluate and solve network problems. Mini Maxwell delivers robust functionality at a very affordable price. Not just limited to simple-minded packet drops, the network emulator uses standard and user defined traffic filters, organized into multiple bands of traffic, in a large assortment of impairments, with bidirectional operation. To configure, enter the URL, click on a button, then select the impairments you want to use (packet drop/lose, duplicate, delay (latency)/jitter, reorder, burst). In less than ten minutes, you will be emulating a real-world network environment on your desktop, at the tradeshow booth, or in a conference room. Online help and sample network scenarios help you move into more sophisticated emulations. Save your emulated network and reload it at a later time. Mini Maxwell acts as a bump on the wire and is invisible to the devices around it. As network traffic passes through, the device filters the packets, impairs them, then sends them on.