Feedsee Networking : IPoIP : Image Processing over IP

IPoIP, Image Processing over IP, from Agent Vi yields lower bandwidth, which is achieved by having routine data sent in low bandwidth XML and transmitting only the occasional event in video; a library of algorithms to offer advanced functionality to each camera; and easy updates of software by sending software remotely to on-the-edge devices. The algorithm sub-sets at the IPoIP server constantly gather information regarding the scene even when no events are occurring. This information can be stored as meta-data along with the video recording and can be used to enable rapid and efficient searches recorded video content. It is able to update algorithms to all the devices on the network with a single download. Other systems typically require upgrades involving manual updates at each device. The company has based its video analysis technology on open standards architecture so that it is easy to integrate with other supplier's technology, enabling partnerships with camera and device manufacturers that are including the IPoIP smart technology in their video equipment.