Feedsee Networking : Optical Modules and Components : Technology directions and marketing stragegies

CIR is releasing reports on optical components, optical modules, and 40 Gbps. Optical Component Markets discusses where the key opportunities for optical networking component makers will be found in the next few years. It focuses on the components that will be needed in the latest high speed networks and on important technology directions of optical integration, high-speed laser modulation, tunable components, and dispersion control. Transmission Modules 10 Gbps and Below analyzes and forecasts the markets for transceivers, transponders, and related products operating at 10 Gbps down to the lowest SONET/SDH/WDM and Fibre Channel rates and discusses how the leading firms are planning their product and marketing strategies. The report examines how new developments in technology, such as optical integration, electronic data compression, and new types of media are changing conventional module products. The Transition to 40 Gbps analyzes and quantifies emerging opportunities for 40 Gbps networking components and modules. The report examines the transition to 40G products including lasers, detectors, TOSAs, ROSAs, amplifiers, modulators, dispersion compensation, and electronics.