Feedsee RFID : RFID Anywhere : Context-aware location information system provides business-aware asset tracking functionality

RFID Anywhere is a software infrastructure that provides an extensible environment for developing and managing sensor network applications including radio frequency identification. RFID Anywhere 3.0 breaks new ground with the delivery of a context-aware Location Information System. Using the system, businesses can not only track assets from a range of data collection points, but also can enhance the value of this data by associating environmental inputs such as temperature along with the location data. In addition, the location information system exposes its complete feature set via a rich service oriented architecture web services layer allowing organizations to transform static business information into business-aware intelligence. The ability to enhance location information with business context is desired in applications including asset tracking, asset control and resource management across vertical solutions in healthcare, logistics, cold-chain, and warehouse management environments. For example, a produce distributor can correlate the temperature of its goods along with location and time data to know exactly where and for how long a given item was exposed to temperature or humidity.