Feedsee Satellites : European Satellite : New Eutelsat will broadcast 950 television channels and 550 radio stations to 113 million homes

The Hot Bird 8 broadcast satellite of Eutelsat Communications went into commercial service at 13 degrees East. With a launch mass of nearly five tons, Hot Bird 8 is the largest and most powerful broadcast satellite serving Europe. The satellite has 64 Ku-band transponders which span a full range of frequencies for broadcasting more than 950 television channels and 550 radio stations to over 113 million homes. The size and configuration of Hot Bird 8 enables Eutelsat to increase in-orbit redundancy at its premium video neighborhood. Following launch and maneuvers to bring the satellite into geostationary orbit, the new European satellite completed an exhaustive round of in-orbit tests. These were followed by a series of digital video and data transmissions.