Feedsee Search : Multimedia Search : Digital media server helps consumers categorize, manage, and locate entertainment content

Hitachi and Blue Peach have announced the Blue Peach NAS Digital Media Server with next generation multimedia search provided by the Hitachi Entier relational database management system, which delivers an application-optimized platform with powerful local search capabilities. The addition of the Entier database will provide developers using the Blue Peach Digital Media Server solution the ability to design devices that allow consumers to search for the digital entertainment content they want in a more natural manner. The platform for manufacturers of digital media devices will contain content management functionality thanks to Entier. This functionality allows users to personalize search by tagging, browsing and finding content the way they want: quickly and efficiently. With Entier, the solution enables consumers to network their home entertainment devices to search and gain access to music, movies, and other digital files from any networked device in the home.