Feedsee Software : Acrobat 3D : Automotive manufacturer selects visualization software to accelerate design collaboration

Renault Group has adopted Adobe Acrobat 3D software to extend 3D visualization and design collaboration capabilities across its employees and supply chain partners. Renault expects to harness PDF to share 3D designs via Adobe Reader software. With Adobe PDF already an existing component of Renault's core business processes, Acrobat 3D will deliver 3D engineering content at the document level in the same familiar and reliable cross-platform format. Acrobat 3D allows Renault teams to convert 3D models from a wide variety of major CAD formats and embed them into PDF files through a drag-and-drop process or by capturing the OpenGL displays, regardless of whether they have the specific CAD application. Three-dimensional objects can be combined in a single PDF document with relevant product development information, such as spreadsheets, presentations, images, and dynamic XML data extracted from the company's PDM system. Engineers can then quickly share the PDF file with other departments or external partners in an immediate, iterative feedback process alongside more structured design reviews.