Feedsee Software : Voice Services : Microsoft aquires Tellme Networks

Microsoft is acquiring Tellme Networks, a provider of voice services for nationwide directory assistance, enterprise customer service, and voice-enabled mobile search. Both companies believe in the potential of speech as a way to enable access to information, locate other people, and enhance business processes, any time and from any device. Combining Tellme's talented people and expertise in high-volume voice services with Microsoft's platform, resources and worldwide customer reach will inspire new and innovative solutions. Tellme is a leader in voice services for the phone, including its popular mobile search services. The company answers millions of calls every day for information such as finding local businesses, driving directions, sports scores, stock quotes, weather, news, and movie show times. Businesses use its voice services and platform to provide customers with voice-access services ranging from banking to package tracking. These services are built on a voice platform that analyzes caller requests to continually improve the system's accuracy and overall caller experience.