Feedsee Storage : eSata Storage : Connecting external hard drives with the same data transfer speed as internal components

Western Digital's new My Book Premium ES Edition external hard drive incorporates both eSATA and USB 2.0. eSATA (external Serial ATA) is a new technology that transfers data between the external device and the computer at higher rates than ever before and USB 2.0 is today's most common method of connecting external devices to personal computers. eSATA uses the same new interface technology that is becoming the standard inside PCs. It is designed to connect peripherals such as external hard drives with the same data transfer speed as internal components. Use of eSATA by the computing and consumer electronics industries is increasing with the expectation that its superior performance will drive it to be the next standard interconnect for external devices, offering an obsolescence prevention plan for consumers. Virtually all motherboards shipped today include the SATA interface for internal drives and many PCI cards are available to connect eSATA hard drives to PCs and Macs. An increasing number of motherboard manufacturers are incorporating support for eSATA connector ports. eSATA offers consumers superior performance for multimedia applications such as streaming music or movies, or video editing.