Feedsee Television : Apple TV : Watch movies, trailers, TV shows, music, podcasts, and photos on your widescreen television

Apple is now shipping Apple TV, a way to wirelessly play iTunes content from your computer on your widescreen television, including movies, TV shows, music, photos and podcasts. With Apple TV's interface, one can browse and view a collection of digital media from across the room using the Apple Remote. Users can watch their favorite movie trailers on their widescreen TV, listen to their favorite music on their home entertainment system, and view slideshows of their photo albums . Apple TV makes it easy for users to explore their entire media collection with an easy to use and intuitive new interface. With the Apple Remote, consumers can browse through their favorite movies, TV shows, music and photos from up to 30 feet away. Apple TV has a 40GB hard drive to store video, songs, and photos. For connectors, it comes with HDMI, component video, analog, and optical audio ports. Using high-speed wireless networking, Apple TV can auto-sync content from one computer or stream content from up to five additional computers without any wires.