Feedsee Television : HDMI Multimedia Switch : Low-power high-definition multimedia interface selected for 42-inch LCD TV

Fairchild Semiconductor's high-definition multimedia interface switch has been selected by XOCECO for use in its new 42-inch LCD TV. The manufacturer chose the HDMI switch for its industry-leading protection features, high-bandwidth and low power consumption. Another selection factor was Fairchild's HDMI pre-testing support that resulted in the XOCECO TV easily attaining HDMI certification. "Fairchild's FSHDMI04, with intra-pair skew of 55pS typical (under 1.65Gbps), high 8kV ESD performance and low quiescent current consumption of only 1uA max, was integral in helping our LCD TV pass the stringent HDMI tests that led to our certification," said Mr. Lin of XOCECO. "In addition to providing us with advanced switch technology, Fairchild provided a pre-compliance testing lab in Shanghai that prepared us to pass the rigorous HDMI test at the authorized testing center on our first attempt." When used in media systems with dual interfaces, the HDMI multimedia switch allows the application to connect to two other video sources such as DVDs, game consoles and set-top boxes. By offering HDMI functionality in a single device, designers can easily add a second HDMI input to the circuitry of their existing application.