Feedsee Television : Secure IPTV : Digital video content security for citywide Internet television network

Verimatrix Video Content Authority System will provide digital video content security for City TV throughout the new IPTV network. Last mile fibre networks in Moscow offer customers broadband Internet connectivity at up to 100 mb/s and are expected to reach more than 600,000 homes by the end of 2007. The new IPTV platform will provide its customers with a full range of pay-TV services, supported by network PVR functionality with stop, start and rewind of live TV. In addition subscribers will have access to compelling on-demand content, including Hollywood, independent and Russian feature films, as well as music, children's, and lifestyle programming. "City TV is a platform with many different pieces, including live broadcast, Video-on-Demand, time-shifted programs and rewind TV. We needed a flexible and proven security solution. Verimatrix's solution was the best we found that matched our requirements," said general director Sergey Plotnikov.