Airblade RC Vehicle

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AirbladeThe latest radio controlled hovercraft from Tyco RC is the Airblade, a watertight, fully amphibious toy hovercraft with three airtight cushions that tilt and rotate over land, snow, ice, and water. A newly designed high power battery system boosts the vehicle's performance to a level far beyond that of other toy hovercrafts. Cool blue body with stylish silver detailing. The rubber wheels have great traction and grip over many surfaces. When you get to a puddle, switch into hover mode.

Amphibious hovercraft, also known as air-cushion vehicles (ACVs), work on the principle of creating a cushion of air between the craft and the surface below it. A powerful fan driven by an engine generates this cushion by forcing air beneath the craft. The trapped air is then contained within a 'skirt,' which is a flexible structure surrounding the base of the hovercraft. This air cushion significantly reduces friction, allowing the hovercraft to glide over various surfaces, such as water, ice, or land. Direction and speed are controlled by altering the airflow and using additional fans or propellers for propulsion and steering. Because of their unique operation, amphibious hovercraft are ideal for tasks that require seamless transition between different terrains, such as search-and-rescue operations, coastal patrols, and transport in environments with shallow or difficult-to-navigate waters.