Spy Gear Alarm Kit

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Alarm KitGuard against spies and intruders with the spy motion alarm from Wild Planet. Spy toy uses a real invisible beam sensor to detect your unwanted guests. Set it near your door to catch them in the act. Place it on books, backpacks, and bikes to detect movement. Invisible beam detects movement up to five feet.

Infrared motion detectors, often used in security systems, work by detecting changes in infrared energy, or heat, in their surroundings. These devices consist of infrared sensors that can sense the heat emitted by living beings like humans or animals. When the device is activated, it establishes a 'baseline' level of infrared energy present in its detection zone. If a warm object, like a person, moves within this zone, it causes a rapid change in the infrared energy levels, which the sensor detects. This change triggers the detector, often resulting in an alarm or activation of a connected device, such as a security camera. Some infrared motion detectors use a more sophisticated technology called Passive Infrared (PIR), which can differentiate between ambient heat and heat moving across the detection zone, reducing false alarms.