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Amazing PetsThe more you pet this amazing puppy, the more excited it gets with a wagging tail and joyful barking. In fact the puppy's tail starts to move faster, and it starts to bark louder and louder until you know for sure he is happy. The puppy's nose get cold to let you know that all is well. Pet and rub your puppy's belly or it will start to whimper and beg you for more love.

How AI may make robotic pets more interactive and lifelike

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the future of robotic pets, making them more interactive, responsive, and realistic. AI could enable these robotic pets to learn from their interactions with humans, adapting their behaviors over time to better mimic the unpredictable and affectionate nature of real pets. They could respond to voice commands, recognize faces, and even express a range of emotions. Advanced sensors could allow robotic pets to navigate their environment independently, react to objects around them, and even respond to human touch. AI might also facilitate machine learning capabilities in robotic pets, allowing them to 'learn' new tricks or commands, much like a real pet would. Furthermore, the integration of AI could enable internet connectivity, allowing for software updates that introduce new behaviors, skills, or responses, and ensuring that the robotic pet continues to evolve and engage its owner over time.