Baby Learning Piano

Feedsee Toys : Baby Learning Piano : Toy instrument teaches numbers, colors and opposites through musical concepts of tempo, pitch, and style

Baby PianoThe Laugh and Learn toy line from Fisher-Price teaches babies through fun, interactive play. A new addition to the Laugh and Learn line, baby's very own grand piano teaches numbers, colors and opposites while offering first exposure to musical concepts, such as tempo, pitch and style. With eight light-up keys, four activities with musical ditties and four songs led by the dancing character and his magic music book, babies are encouraged to play and learn. Ages 9 to 36 months.

The Fisher-Price Baby Learning Piano is an educational toy designed to engage children through music while teaching them fundamental concepts. Each key on the piano corresponds to a different color, number, or shape, allowing children to associate these basic concepts with the corresponding musical notes. When a child presses a key, the piano can say the name of the color, number, or shape, and play a unique tune. This interactive approach to learning aids in memory retention and cognitive development. By exploring the different keys and the sounds they produce, children can learn to recognize numbers, colors, and shapes, while also developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, the enjoyable process of creating music can foster a love of music and the arts from a young age. The Fisher-Price Baby Learning Piano thus combines education and entertainment, making learning fun and engaging for children.