Bratz Big Babyz with Hair

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Babyz HairBefore they were Bratz, they were Bratz Babyz. Bratz Babyz Hair Flair dolls are the most hair styling tots around, and now you can open a salon with these baby girls that have a passion for fashion. Creating a new hairdoo for Meygan is as easy as one, two, three with this set. Includes hair brush, scrunchie, baby bottle, and tiara. Doll measures five inches tall. Style their real, rooted hair in fashionable ways.

The Bratz Babyz Hair Flair dolls come with long, stylable hair, inviting children to experiment with a variety of hairstyles. This interactive feature can stimulate creativity, as children can express their individuality through the different hair designs they create. They can practice braiding, twisting, curling, and straightening the doll's hair, and even use accessories to embellish their creations. This encourages fine motor skill development as children manipulate the hair and accessories.

Furthermore, these dolls can spark an interest in style and fashion. As children try out different hairstyles, they can develop an eye for aesthetics and begin to understand how different styles can dramatically alter appearance. This could lead to a broader interest in personal style and fashion design. Playing with Bratz Babyz Hair Flair dolls can thus provide a fun, hands-on way for children to express their creativity and explore the world of fashion.