Ben 10 Alien Laboratory

Feedsee Toys : Ben 10 Alien Laboratory : Transforming rocks reveal collectible action figures

Ben 10 LabOpen up the toy RV and you have a full alien scientific play laboratory, with cool and creepy activities. If you're feeling really adventurous perform an experiment on the toy aliens. Make gooey molds of each of the ten aliens. View the animation chip from the collectible figures with the built-in viewer. Open up the beaker and drop in a transforming alien rock add water and watch the rock bubble and fizz to then reveal a small collectible figure. Includes two transforming alien rocks. Keep track of your figures by placing them in the built-in storage unit.

Ben 10 toys and playsets are inspired by the popular animated television series "Ben 10," which revolves around a young boy named Ben Tennyson who discovers an alien device called the Omnitrix. This device allows him to transform into various alien superheroes, each possessing unique powers and abilities. The toys and playsets capture the essence of the show by offering a range of action figures representing Ben's multiple alien transformations, as well as replicas of the Omnitrix itself. Many of the toys are interactive and can mimic the transformations seen in the series. Additionally, playsets often recreate scenes or locations from the show, allowing fans to reenact their favorite moments or create new adventures. The combination of diverse alien characters, transformative features, and the imaginative world of Ben 10 makes these toys particularly appealing to children who are fans of the series.