Bratz Class

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Bratz ClassGo back to school with the Bratz in personalized schoolgirl fashions with a backpack full of cool school gear. Plus, take a trip to gym class or afterschool practice in athletic doll outfits that mix and match. When it's time to hit the books, the girls with a passion for fashion make sure they look smart. With new school gear and accessories, they are ready to make the grade. Each Bratz Class doll includes styling fashions and school accessories.

Dolls that come with a school theme can serve as a valuable tool in preparing children for the upcoming school year, especially if they are feeling anxious or uncertain about the new experience. These dolls often come with accessories like backpacks, school desks, books, and other classroom-related items, allowing children to role-play and simulate school scenarios. By engaging in pretend play, children can familiarize themselves with school routines, practice social interactions, and address any fears or concerns they might have in a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, these dolls can help children develop a positive attitude towards learning and education. They can see their dolls enjoying school, making friends, and participating in class activities, which can instill a sense of excitement and anticipation for their own school adventures. Overall, school-themed dolls can bridge the gap between home and school, making the transition smoother and more enjoyable for young learners.