Bratz Ice Champions

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Bratz Ice SkaterWith the Bratz Ice Play Set, two different ice skater Bratz can spin and skate independently of each by remote control. Features theatrical lights and sounds for ice pageant play. Bratz doll can skate in different positions. You control the skating, switch directions and add spins to create cool ice skating routines. A scoreboard is included for ice skating competition play for your Mirabel Bratz doll.

Ice-skating themed dolls beautifully capture the elegance, discipline, and athleticism of the sport, serving as a source of inspiration for children. When children play with these dolls, they are introduced to the world of ice-skating, often becoming enamored by the graceful movements, glittering costumes, and the idea of gliding effortlessly on ice. The dolls can spark curiosity about the sport, leading children to express a desire to try ice-skating themselves. Moreover, the narratives children create during play often revolve around practice, competition, and perseverance, mirroring the dedication and hard work that real-life athletes invest. By identifying with their dolls, children can envision themselves as ice-skaters, fostering an early appreciation for athletics, discipline, and the joy of mastering a skill.